May is National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

May is now known as:

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This is a key time to raise public awareness about human communication’s essential role in improving quality of life. Spreading the word is crucial, particularly with an aging population, noisy environments and concerns about societal loneliness.

By caring for those with hearing loss, our compassionate practice aims to help them Live Life Better. With a sense of purpose, for yourself and those in your Circle of Life, take control sooner. When auditory challenges arise, technological advances will delight with the ability to deliver easy listening. Like mobile phone advances, features and benefits of newer hearing devices will be music to your ears.

Imagine life as a symphony composed of beautiful sounds, engaging melodies, and emotive harmonies. Throughout daily beats, each auditory note accents enriching experiences and ideally, special memories. When some notes fade away, it’s as if music becomes muffled, making understanding speech particularly difficult.

If left unattended, hearing loss can gradually dim your daily orchestra. It may negatively affect not just our ears, but mood, postural balance, work performance and cognitive function. In conducting your lifestyle, do these analogies strike a chord?

While hearing loss affects each person differently, its harm is a family matter. If you suffer from these challenges or know someone who is, advocacy is vital. With the right prescription and daily use tempo, bridging auditory gaps is possible. Further, certain interpersonal techniques are proven to enhance daily dialogue. By practicing these active listening skills, hidden notes will be revealed and communication wellness cadence will be in unison.

Whether a routine checkup or due diligence on tailored solutions, our precise testing enables us to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, from which we can make evidence-based suggestions on which technological features will orchestrate optimal daily benefits.

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