Stay Tuned in to the Sounds of Life by Getting Routine Hearing Exams

Happy mature woman who no longer suffers from hearing loss, serving food to her family during Thanksgiving meal at dining table.

Hearing loss is usually a gradual process, making it easy to overlook the subtle changes in your ability to perceive sounds. Even though children are frequently tested, most adults don’t even consider scheduling a hearing test like they would their vision. So why would your hearing be any less relevant than your vision?

It’s important to have regular hearing exams, here are six reasons why:

  • Spotting the Signs: Potential hearing problems can be exposed by everyday situations. Ask yourself these questions: Do I frequently ask people what they said? Do I need to crank up the TV volume? Do noisy environments make conversations challenging? If you said “yes” to the majority of these questions, it’s time for a hearing test.
  • Following Guidelines: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommends hearing screenings every 10 years until age 50, and every three years thereafter.
  • Family History Matters: If other family members have hearing issues, this is an excellent reason to schedule a hearing test with us.
  • Establishing a Baseline: We will use baselines, which will give a frame of reference for further comparison to track changes to your hearing over time.
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment: Regular hearing exams can identify problems early on, such as earwax accumulation or noise-induced hearing loss, allowing for fast treatment and avoiding further damage.
  • Diagnose Medical Conditions: Root medical disorders, including kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, or high blood pressure can sometimes be revealed by hearing loss. If you do have one of these disorders, managing it may help your hearing.

Getting answers

Untreated hearing loss can have extensive consequences, affecting your social life, emotional well-being, and even physical safety. Remaining alert to significant sounds of your environment, enjoying social situations, and being able to fully participate in conversations, are all examples of how hearing aids can enhance your general quality of life.

Don’t miss out on important work meetings, the laughter of your grandchildren, or a loved one’s voice.

Protect your hearing and keep enjoying the sounds of your life by scheduling a hearing examination with us today.

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